Succinic acid
Succinic Acid
disodium succinate
Succinic Acid
Succinic acid
disodium succinate
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Succinic Acid
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high quality Succinic-acid factory 110-15-6 supplier
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high quality Succinic-acid factory 110-15-6 supplier


Succinic-acid is A water-soluble, colorless crystal with an acid taste that is used as a chemical intermediate, in medicine, the manufacture of lacquers, and to make perfume esters. It is also used in foods as a sequestrant, buffer, and a neutralizing agent.

Succinic acid was first obtained as a distillation product of amber (Latin: succinum), for which it is named. The common method of synthesis of succinic acid is the catalytic hydrogenation of maleic acid or its anhydride, although other methods are being used and investigated. Succinic acid has uses in certain drug compounds, in agricultural and food production, and in manufacturing.

In vivo

It has been reported that succinic acid had sedative effect (4000 mg/kg) and protective action against high pressure oxygen convulsion (1180 mg/kg). Succinic acid at dose of 1180 mg/kg produces significant decrease of the locomotor activity and hyperthermia and prolonged the pentobarbital sleeping time significantly in mice. Succinic acid is found to protect rats against audiogenic seizure and inhibit the electroshock seizure in mice, but not the convulsion induced by picrotoxin, strychnine and semicarbazide. Succinic acid (100-400 mg/kg) dose-dependently inhibits pentylenetetrazol chemical and amygdale kindled seizer. Succinic acid is widely distributed in the nervous systems. Succinic acid possesses anxiolytic effects in the elevated plus-maze, food neophobia and stress-induced hyperthermia models

Mechanism of action

Succinate is an essential component of the Krebs or citric acid cycle and serves an electron donor in the production of fumaric acid and FADH2. It also has been shown to be a good "natural" antibiotic because of its relative acidic or caustic nature (high concentrations can even cause burns). Succinate supplements have been shown to help reduce the effects of hangovers by activating the degradation of acetaldehyde - a toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism - into CO2 and H2O through aerobic metabolism. Succinic acid has been shown to stimulate neural system recovery and bolster the immune system. Claims have also been made that it boosts awareness, concentration and reflexes.


This substance is used in the following products: adsorbents, fertilisers, inks and toners, washing & cleaning products, water softeners, adhesives and sealants, coating products, fillers, putties, plasters, modelling clay, perfumes and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, polymers and cosmetics and personal care products.
Other release to the environment of this substance is likely to occur from: indoor use (e.g. machine wash liquids/detergents, automotive care products, paints and coating or adhesives, fragrances and air fresheners) and outdoor use.

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