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BASF and CSM plan succinic acid(cas:110-15-6) joint venture
Release time:2016/8/12 17:13:07

BASF and CSM plan succinic acid joint venture. BASF and CSM NV's Purac subsidiary are discussing forming a joint venture that will produce bio-based succinic acid(cas:110-15-6).

Succinic acid(cas:110-15-6) is used to make adipic-based polyurethanes, phthalate-based plasticizers and acetate-based deicing solutions. Ludwigshafen-based BASF and Diemen, the Netherlands-based Purac have been researching bio-based succinic acid(cas:110-15-6) since 2009.According to a news release from the companies, demand for succinic acid(cas:110-15-6) will grow strongly in the next years, driven by bioplastics, chemical intermediates, solvents, polyurethanes and plasticizers.090008.

Until now our partnership has been very successful, and moving towards a joint venture will strengthen our goal to become the leading supplier in the succinic acid(cas:110-15-6) market,090009 said Andreas Kreimeyer, research executive director at BASF.CSM plans to be the first commercial producer of bio-based succinic acid(cas:110-15-6), with the planned 2013 startup of a 25,000-tonne-per-year plant near Barcelona, Spain.

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