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Abinitio and dielectric studies of succinic acid(cas:110-15-6) and maleic acid in 1,4-dioxane
Release time:2016/8/11 17:23:45

Abinitio and dielectric studies of succinic acid and maleic acid in 1,4-dioxane.In a continuing effort to understand the hydrogen bond through the study of dielectric and computational conformal studies of dilute solutions, succinic acid(cas:110-15-6) and maleic acid are studied in solutions of 1,4-dioxane solvent.

Dielectric studies give an account of the net dipole moment of the system under study, which is then compared with the values obtained from conformal analysis. The dielectric measurements were made at 303 K at a frequency of 9.83 GHz using a X-band microwave test bench in order to determine the relaxation times and the dipole moments. The static dielectric permittivity and the high frequency dielectric permittivity were measured using a LCR meter and an Abbe's refractometer, respectively.

The results are inspected in comparison with the dipole moment results of ab initio calculations of some of the conformers in gas phase and in liquid phase. Gaussian-03 software package with 6-31G(d) basis set optimisation was used for this purpose. Onsager's reaction field model is used to study the solvation of the dicarboxylic acids in 1,4-dioxane. The results are interpreted in terms of the intermolecular and intramolecular hydrogen bond interactions in the dilute succinic acid(cas:110-15-6) systems.

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